Interim results

Launched in 2021, the Net Zero Australia study aims to provide rigorous and independent analysis of the pathways by which Australia can achieve net zero in both domestic and export emissions.

On Thursday 25 August 2022, interim findings from the study were made public for the first time, detailing five scenarios for reducing emissions, and their consequences. Early downscaling results were also presented, exploring mapped land and sea use changes that may arise from a net zero transition.

Please note that these are interim results and are likely to be revised as the Net Zero Australia study progresses.

Interim results documents

The following documents are relevant to the launch

  • Launch event presentation, presented on Thursday 25 August.
  • Full presentation of our interim results, which is an expanded form of our launch event presentation and with more detailed results.

As part of this effort, we welcome your feedback via our (Contact Us) page.

Download launch event presentationDownload Full presentation

Watch a recording of the interim results launch event